Sakshi Sharma’s Review of Gulmohar for Social Ketchup

In an effusive review Sakshi Sharma captured the things that I feel made Gulmohar special. For example:

“…even Delhi with its ancestral broken-down structures, and the house becomes a character in itself, representing the past with the present and future. Maybe that’s why the film will make you cry and go like this sounds like my life! The fact that it doesn’t vilify anyone even someone like Sudhakar (Amol Palekar) makes you believe in the reality of this fiction because everyone is just purely human and reacting to the situation”.

Later on in the review there’s also a thought-provoking point:

“the film starts with a party sequence and ends with it but both are so different from each other. It’s like you have come full circle where things started from a tense party to a joyous celebration”.

You should read it over here.